‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Official Trailer

It’s finally here! The trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie that everyone has been waiting for (well, maybe only the ladies) premiered this morning on the Today Show.  Only a portion of the trailer could be shown on the morning show because it’s just too hot for TV – and it didn’t disappoint.  Based on E.L. James’ best-selling erotic novel, Jamie Dornan stars as Christian Grey, an incredibly successful and dominant billionaire.  Dakota Johnson stars as a virginal college senior named Anastasia Steele.   The trailer takes you from their first meeting in Grey’s office and ends with a sneak peek of Christian’s S&M dungeon known as the Red Room of Pain.  The movie is set to release on Valentine’s Day 2015.

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Since this book released in 2012, more and more couples are trying out the dominant/submissive style in the bedroom.  Shop the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Collection for all of your BDSM needs!

Buzzfeed’s ‘Sensational Facts About Sex Toys’

The “buzz” in Buzzfeed typically suggests the excitement and hubbub surrounding a new trend, but after watching their latest video, the only “buzz” you’ll be thinking about is the hum of your favorite sex toys! The popular website has released a breezy, entertaining video offering an array of facts about the history and trivia regarding naughty playthings.

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So, what have we learned? Well, the first vibe definitely wasn’t pocket sized, leave your sixth dildo at the state line if you’re heading to Texas, and sparkles add an interesting luster to the toy chest, among other things.

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Get Stoked! Everyjoe Talks to Charlotte Stokely

She has a name that befits the heroine of a classic work of literature, but don’t let that stuffy Jane Austen veneer fool you: Charlotte Stokely would be much more likely to be found in the pages of the Marquis de Sade than anything from the Bronte sisters. Everyjoe.com caught up with this blonde beauty and Utah native, and we’ve collected some highlights and excerpts from their chat:

How did you get started working in the adult industry?

I’ve always been comfortable naked. Someone approached me and asked if I’d like to shoot a sex scene and I said Yes… after they asked the third time. I had fun deciding to continue shooting while creating a name and career as “Charlotte Stokely.” August 2014 marks my 10-year anniversary in the adult industry.

Who are your inspirations and role models?

I admire Oprah Winfrey a lot. She started with a small TV talk show, always with the intent of helping people. And still to this day, she continues helping people with the empire she has built. That’s pretty impressive!

When it comes to boyfriends (or girlfriends), what impresses you the most: Large muscles, large bank account, or large brain?

I’ve dated enough people to know that muscles are fun to play with, but if the person doesn’t have a heart or brain, it’s just a pretty shell. Intelligence is sooooo sexy to me — especially someone with an imagination. I’m a romantic at heart, so if we can get some feelings in the pot, then I’ll take a hot steamy bowl of love soup! I’m currently dating a girl. We have been together three years. She is amazing, strong, honest, incredible and very giving to the community. I admire her. I love her. Sadly, she does not play D&D with me, but she loves to hear my wild stories.

What makes you happiest?

My baby girl kitty, Kidden, makes me so uber duper happy that it’s kind of ridiculous. We are pretty glued together, which realistically would be terrible since she is so hairy, but we are always touching each other one way or the other.

Girl on top or missionary?

I like to mix both… plus every sexual experience is different and depends on the connection, fit, etc.

Vampires or zombies?

Vampires! Not the sparkly emo kind! I loved Queen of the Damned, but that isn’t particularly how I visualize my vampires… more like Interview with a Vampire. Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp is hilarious.

Read the full interview here.

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Sex-Starved Husband Keeps Spreadsheet Detailing Bedroom Woes

Some people get their thrills from watching an adult movie or leafing through the pages of an XXX magazine. But if this accountant-style spreadsheet is any indication, something as simple as the 1040A or the Price Waterhouse Cooper newsletter might reduce its author to a state of ecstatic, transported bliss.

Wow! Hey, if she said she was interested in trying “anal,” this probably isn’t the kind she meant. Yup, this husband kept a spreadsheet of all the times he asked his wife for sex, with notations specifying exactly why she declined. It appeared on Reddit and quickly went viral. Anyone else wondering if he got a notarized signature for each climax, or celebrates the end of the fiscal year like a wedding anniversary?

As various news outlets have pointed out, the italicized “yes” on the rare occasions where wifey was actually willing to engage a little of the old rumpy-pumpy only adds to the camp value of the spreadsheet. We can all picture hubby jumping into the air in delight at those rare occasions of marital assignation, as if in a vintage Toyota commercial.

The excuses run the gamut from tried and true (“I’m too tired”) to multi-tiered (“I won’t have time to get showered and ready for dinner”) to visceral ( “I feel gross”) to purely enigmatic (“non-verbal”).

Not knowing the full context, we will politely withhold judgment, but if you’re looking for adult fun with a whiff of office efficiency to the proceedings, we suggest checking out the Office category of porn movies instead.

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Feel the Real… Belle Knox

Doc Johnson released Belle Knox’s UR3 Fresh Meat Stroker and we’ve had a hard time keeping it in stock!  The fresh, young co-ed may look innocent but if you’ve seen her films, you know she’s not. If you haven’t seen them – click here!

The ex-Duke University co-ed wants you to feel why she’s one of the most searched starlets.  Scott Watkins, Doc Johnson’s vice president of sales and marketing said, “With her innovative, unapologetic, and pioneering spirit, Belle Knox represents everything we love about the current climate of the adult industry.”   COO, Chad Braverman added, “It’s always an honor having the opportunity to work with talent that is truly passionate about what they do, especially someone like Belle who in such a short time has asserted a very strong voice for the adult industry.  We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Belle, and are very excited to be welcoming her to the Doc family.”

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‘Gangbang Me’ Debuts from Hard X

Gangbang me. If there’s any doubt that phrase is an imperative, it’s definitively cast aside in Hard X‘s new release of the same name. This is a movie of gangbang action so emphatic and intense, it might throw you back in your seat! And Mason‘s passionate yet sensual directorial style will keep you there.

Cover girl A.J. Applegate appears in her first ever gangbang scene, including DV and DAP action. Adriana Chechik is alone in the picture you see above, but she’s about to get company. Boy, is she ever! Triple anal. No, we didn’t believe it either, but Hard X has the video proof, and it’s the sort of scene that takes on a life and legend of its own! Director Mason hasn’t helmed a gangbang-themed movie since Gangbanged 5 in 2012, but this latest release compensates for that absence from the genre in the most powerful of ways.

The release also includes behind the scenes footage for insight into the making of movie.

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Does Size Matter? Pornstars Give Their Perspectives

It’s the eternal question. Forget the chicken and the egg and the riddle of the sphinx. Nope, we’ve got the puzzle that has probably vexed humankind since the first caveman hookup: does size matter? It’s a physiological and philosophical conundrum that could confound Freud and Foucault alike. Who better to offer their viewpoint on this age-old question than some of the world’s top pornstars? Here’s what they had to say on the subject . . . and their answers may surprise you!

Asa Akira (Reddit AMA)

I’m not really a size queen.. bigger is not better for me. I could never date someone as big as Mandingo.


Angel Del Rey (Phatfriend.com)

Honestly if it gets the job done, I’m satisfied. There’s such a thing as too big. Not fun for small girls like myself.


Chanel Rae (TrippAdvice)

Size matters to a certain extent. Of course, if a guy is too small, very, very small, that would be a problem, but if you’re mediocre, as long as you know how to use it – that’s the big thing. Because there’s guys out there who are huge and are confident about it, but they tend to actually be not that good in bed.


Jayden Jaymes (Adult DVD Talk)

Well… I need something to work with, but I’m definitely not a size queen.


Gianna Michaels (Videobox)

Nope. Chemistry does [matter] though.


Siri (Reddit AMA)

I’m a big fan of the average cock size. I’m certain there’s a good biological reason that the average is what it is. Gee, maybe that it fits better in my vagina! The best sex I’ve ever had is with my husband, who is not a porn performer, and is of perfectly average penis size.


Nikki Benz (NudeReviews)

Well, if it’s too big. What a lot of guys don’t realize is that it hurts. Your vagina is designed to fit a six-and-a-half inch dick in it. Anything beyond that is poking your cervix and it hurts. So, I’m going to say my favorite size is between six to seven inches.


Katja Kassin (Hush Hush)

I like big dicks.  I like the way they fill me up and stretch my pussy.  I like big dicks in my ass. Small dicks feel strange because the muscle doesn’t stretch all the way. There is just something about it. I don’t like small dildos, there’s a certain size that makes it feel great when the muscle stretches.


Aaliyah Love (Adult DVD Empire interview)

It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve dated guys with tiny little dicks. I’ve dated porn guys with big dicks. It’s all is good — it all makes me come. It doesn’t matter. It just matters when you look at me and there’s intensity and there’s passion, and it’s like animal instinct.



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Digital Sin Votes for Carter (Carter Cruise, That Is)

Remember the classic Michael Caine movie Get Carter? Everyone’s favorite Cockney sheds his easygoing signature charm for a mission of steel-hearted revenge. His particular brand of vigilante violence isn’t something you’d want to run into, but the latest title featuring that name is a spotlight for someone anyone would welcome the chance to encounter: Carter Cruise. This is one Carter we definitely get! Digital Sin‘s Meet Carter gives the blonde newbie a star vehicle with four scenes and over two hours of action, including a threesome and some saucy fun with Bonnie Rotten.

Meet Carter was an incredible experience,” Carter told AVN. “I was so blessed to work with top performers as well as having Paul Woodcrest direct! I don’t normally watch my scenes, but I had to watch this because I felt very connected to the scenes, and wow! The lighting and camera angles were beautiful thanks to Paul and Eddie [Powell] at New Sensations. I’m normally very critical of anything I see myself in, but this time I really felt sexy and pretty.”

“It was also crazy to see how far I’ve come as a performer,” she said. “I shocked myself with how comfortable I was on camera and how raw and honest my sexuality came across. I think this DVD is a perfect debut for me moving from ‘amateur’ to ‘more professional’ scenes. Of course, there is still so much to learn and improve, but it is definitely a world of difference from my earlier scenes. I can honestly say I was very happy with how the movie turned out and I can’t wait to hear what my fans think!”

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Sophia Fiore Talks About Fitness and Porn on Reddit

image courtesy Sweetheart Video

There are plenty of ways to stay in shape . . . some are just more passionate than others! Sophia Fiore keeps fit with workouts in the bedroom and the gym alike! She grabbed headlines on the Adult DVD Empire blog and other porn news outlets earlier this year when she launched the Look Good Naked Lifestyle website. Thanks to Reddit, Sophia was able to elaborate yesterday on both her fitness routines and her adult career in an another edition of the celebrated Ask Me Anything sessions. Here are some highlights from her chat!

On how she got into the business:

I would say the best way to get into the business is to get yourself an awesome agent. They will help guide your career and help to make sure you get what you deserve money wise and quality wise. It was definitely something I grew into. I started with nude modeling and it slowly but surely led me into something I really enjoy doing.

On how working in porn has impacted her fitness career:

[It] helped than anything else. It hurt in that I am not naive, I know some companies will not want o work with me or sponsor me because of it. But some does not mean all. And honestly, I do not want to work with a company that judges in that way. Fitness has always been something of a positive community to me, it doesn’t matter what you do or what your background is, if you love fitness, fitness will love you back. Some companies don’t agree.

At the same time, my platform in fitness stands out because I am not like everyone else and some people like that. It says something different and I love it. Fitness in many ways is tied to sex and people use it to slyly sell their products and then shun it when it is not so hidden. I use it to promote both areas of my interest and I feel it has come across well.

On deadlifting and other training regimens for porn stars:

Yes deadlifts are definitely in the training regimen. It gets your back nice and strong and lifts your glutes up! But I would say lunges and core work are very important for performers. Hip thrusts are must for male performers. I’m sure everyone can configure why!

On exercise she does before a porn movie shoot:

I love to do lunges before because it gets blood into my legs and butt. It helps give it a little pump.

On her favorite scenes:

One of my fav scenes so far is Caramel Hunnies with Lexington Steele. the chemistry and performance was awesome I really just lost myself and had fun. As far as a fitness scene, it hasn’t come out yet but it will! I have two scenes One for Brazzers with Ryan Driller that is fitness related and super hot! One also with Danny Mountain for Porn Pros that I cannot wait to see!

On her long-term goals:

Long term, I would like to at some point have my own production company in porn to put out my own stuff and even film things that may not include me but film things that I would love to see. As far as how long I will be doing it, I have always said I am doing it until it’s not fun for me anymore. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Read the full AMA here.

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