Chanel Preston on ‘Fifty Shades’ & Submissives


Chanel Preston gave her opinion on the trailer of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ during an interview with Film School Rejects.  When asked “Is the fetish aspect of the film accurately portrayed in the trailer?” Chanel replied, “I think many BDSM/fetish lifestylers (those who participate in these acts in their personal life) will say no. I think this is because it doesn’t accurately portray their own relationship with BDSM, and they are very protective over their community or lifestyle. However, people participate in this lifestyle for MANY reasons, and to varying degrees. Therefore, it’s not far from the truth for many people’s situations when you see Ana’s curiosity piqued because someone she is in a relationship with is interested in it.”

She was also asked if she would’ve done anything differently when creating the trailer and depicting the world of fetish and bondage?  Chanel answered, “I feel they are trying to be tasteful, but I wish they would have thrown in one “shocker” moment, whether through a strange implement used, or a quick, extremely sexual moment where the audience may have gone, “What the hell was that?”. Most of the audience watching has read the book, so they already know the story line. The trailer should have given them a quick something to pique their interest a little beyond what the book had.”

Going along with the BDSM theme, Preston also gave a list of 5 things that she loves to do to submissives…

  1. I love making them clean the dirt off my shoes with their tongue.
  2. I love testing their loyalty to me by making them do humiliating things like try and lick their own ass.
  3. I love stretching out their assholes with my big cock.
  4. I love telling them how disgusting and pathetic their little dick is.
  5. I love using them as little fuck toys and denying them of any pleasure.

Read the full ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Interview HERE.

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Picture This: ’4Ever’ Gallery

4Ever is a long time, but would you really mind an eternity of Jesse Jane, Aaliyah Love, Penny Pax and friends? We’ll take that infinity in our vicinity any time! Give fangs for this supernatural adventure of vampires, immortals, blood sucking and more from Digital Playground. 4Ever joins the ranks of Voracious and Joanna Angel‘s spoof Vampire Cheerleaders among the year’s high-profile horror-themed releases. Buy 4Ever on DVD or VOD, and browse the complete image gallery here!


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Hello Touch: Sex Toy of the 21st Century


Sex toy company JimmyJane is taking vibrators to the next level.  The creator of Hello Touch, Ethan Imboden, used eco-friendly materials and a quiet motor to create this sex toy – that doesn’t look like a sex toy. Simply slip the finger pad onto your pointer and middle finger and attach the power pack to your wrist.  The Hello Touch is the smallest fingertip vibrator available and the only one for both internal and clitoral stimulation.  Hello Touch is great for couples, it’s waterproof, washable & bath friendly, phthalate-free, travel ready (includes a case) and includes 2 AAAA batteries.

Cosmopolitan Magazine posted, “The finger vibes are teeny but powerful.  Who knew that its actually very exciting when a guy gets you off with a robot hand?”  GQ Magazine quoted, “The possibilities for play are endless… you’ll have become a cyborg lover, a rou from Blade Runner, only more sexy.”

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5 Crazy Facts About Bangkok’s Blowjob Bar

Image courtesy Vice

Well, this gives new meaning to ordering a “cocktail.” Vice’s Laurel Tuohy and a pseudonymous friend checked out Dr. BJ’s Salon, a notorious blowjob bar in one of the world’s most sex-crazed cities, Bangkok, Thailand. What did they learn? Adult Empire has five crazy facts about this too-wild-to-not-be-true Far East locale.

   Fourteen identical Dr. BJ’s Salon signs greet you outside the bar. (Does anyone else think the color scheme is vaguely reminiscent of Quiznos? Eat up, indeed.)


    The owner is from the United Kingdom and prefers to go only by Dr. BJ. The doctor is in!


    The reception area features a menu, with options ranging from a $22 dollar 30-minute session to a $157 all-nighter.


   The descriptions of the “female consultants” on the destination’s official website don’t always go for the hard sell. One example description: “She is raking it in, 100 crazy busy. I need to find out why as she is not the best looking lady . . .”


    The website carries the tongue-in-cheek tone to its list of “future locations,” which includes the Vatican City.


Read the full Vice article here.

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A Penny For Your Thoughts – Penny Pax That Is…

Penny Pax, the innocent looking blonde from Miami, Florida who has starred in such films as Sweetheart Video’s Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 6 and Wicked Pictures24 XXX: An Axel Braun Parody gave the inside scoop on her life before porn, who her favorite performer is and what she believes is her hottest overall scene.  Keep reading to find out all about Penny.

1) What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

I hung with the drama geeks and tech nerds. I went to a performing arts highschool for musical theatre and dance, so I was pretty lucky to be able to be around like minded people. I was pretty bitchy if you ask anyone I went to school with and straightedge.

2) Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry?

Oh yes. From a young age. I started out only watching g/g and now all I watch is hardcore fisting and anal.

3) What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

I haven’t done any double anal or double vag. I still haven’t had sex with quite a few Spiegler Girls!!

4) Who is your favorite male performer/female performer to work with and why?

I really enjoyed working with Dana DeArmond because she was so creative throughout the scene. She’s one of those humans that really love sex and the body.

5) What are the best things about being a porn star?

Everyday I go to work I get to wear glamorous makeup and play dress up! What girl wouldn’t love that?

6) You really bring a lot of strong sexual energy to your performances. How did you evolve into the performer that you are today?

I would think it was thru experience, boyfriends and girlfriends that I had taught me a lot and I always felt comfortable to be myself while having sex.

7) What do you think is your hottest scene overall?

That would have to be for Elegant Angel‘s line Anal Freaks with Preston Parker. He has a huge uncut cock that works so well for anal it was most definitely one of the hottest.

Read the full interview HERE.

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Skin Diamond Says No to Olympian

The thrill of victory! And the agony of defeat. Olympic sprinter Josh Mance has experienced the former, netting a medal at the 2012 summer games, but now he must feel like the tumbling skier from The Wide World of Sports intro. Skin Diamond has politely declined the light-hearted offer of affections he made in a post on TMZ Sports on Monday.

“She’s killing the game right now,” Mance told the website in a video interview, perhaps not surprisingly using a sports metaphor to expound upon his enthusiasm for Skin. “She has this innocence to her, that’s what it is, even though she’s a porn star. That’s the magic of Skin Diamond [ . . . ] it’s time to come home.” (That Mance has managed to turn Robert Frost’s line “home is the place where, when you go there, they have to let you in” into a “that’s what she said” is an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.)

Skin responded in a follow-up TMZ piece: “I don’t know . . .  he’d have to really do something wild to get my attention. That’d be really hard to do. I’m hard to please.”

Better luck next time, Josh. May we suggest a few Skin Diamond movies in the meantime?

Stay Cool While Getting Hot

We’ve reached those hot, mid-summer days where the humidity is so high you sweat just thinking about going outside.  Don’t let the high temperature ruin your summer lovin’.  According to psychologist Stella Resnick, PhD.,  “Heat relaxes your muscles, heightens skin sensation, and causes you to slow down and get in touch with your more languid, sultry side.”  We have what you need for cool, sexy, summer fun!



This Pipedream toy is one of a kind.  Each piece is made from hand blown glass, making them nonporous, hygienic, and easy to clean.  Chill the icicle under cold water or put it in the freezer for a cooling sensation.  With so many to choose from, it’s easy to find the shape that’s perfect for you. Shop Icicles HERE.


Cooling Lube   

Add a few drops of cooling lube to your partners’ body to give them a cool, tingling sensation. With most cooling lubes, gently blowing or rubbing the area where the lube is applied adds even more of a cooling feeling.  Always read all the ingredients included in the lube before applying. Shop cooling lube HERE.


Metal Worx 

Check out Metal Worx by Pipedreams - The sleek, nonporous, easy to clean metal finish makes these toys great for temperature play.  Put them in the freezer to chill things down or  in a bowl of hot water to heat things up.  Anal toys, nipple clamps, ben wa balls, and cock rings are all part of the Metal Worx series.  Choose how you want to “cool” off.  Shop Metal Worx HERE.

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Blonde Showdown: Jesse Jane vs. Kayden Kross


J and K sit comfortably next to each other in the alphabet, and today, frequent co-stars and comrades in alliteration Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross sit comfortably next to each other in a friendly duel of the blondes! Which fair-haired beauty will win? Read our round-by-round battle and find out.



Jesse: 112

Kayden: 137

Point goes to: Kayden! Given that Kayden has been in the industry five fewer years than Jesse (2007 start versus 2002), this is an upset! Jesse’s longer tenure as a Digital Playground contract girl has meant she has had fewer appearances in recent years, but we’re hardly going to complain about quality trumping quantity. Still, raw numbers (remember, we like it raw) give this round to Kayden!

1-0, Kayden.



Jesse: Fort Worth, Texas

Kayden: Sacramento, California

Point goes to: Jesse! Despite what pornstars sometimes say, it seems that size matters . . . at least when it comes to birth state, since Jesse and Kayden hail from two of the nation’s Mandingo equivalents. How to choose between the land of ranches and cowboys and the easygoing feel of the West Coast? Not an easy call, but we’re giving this point to Jesse thanks to Texas’s impressive roll call of native pornstars. (And, really, a quick glance at the byline of this post should have reduced the suspense on this round considerably.)





KaydenThe Smiths

Point goes to: JesseThe Smiths was a great feature role for Kayden, but it’s hard to argue with one of porn’s most famous parodies and Jesse’s iconic role in it. Cue the corny pirate speak: “avast, thar be a blockbuster to beat all blockbusters!”

2-1, Jesse.



JesseStep Sisters

KaydenEvil Anal 22

Point goes to: Kayden! Whoever let those stepsisters share a room definitely wasn’t attuned to their raging libidos. Nevertheless, we give this point to Kayden and her spectacularly hardcore appearance in Evil Anal 22, courtesy the one and only Manuel Ferrara.




Jesse: Has her own line of tequilas

Kayden: Writes for Complex magazine, XBIZ and more

Point goes to: Jesse! The intellectual in us would love to give the point to Kayden’s swirling pen, but good tequila is hard to find! Plus, it fits in perfectly with Jesse’s fun-loving, party-girl vibe. Now, where did we put our lime?

3-2, Jesse wins!


Jesse triumphs in another photo finish!

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Stormy Daniels Directs Wicked’s ‘Love And Loss’

Can pure desire override dark secrets from the past? When love and loss collide, which feeling overshadows the other? Those are the questions Stormy Daniels poses in her latest directorial effort for Wicked‘s Passion line.

Lanie’s (Maddy O’Reilly) world is turned upside down by the appearance of a passionate cop (Brendon Miller), but his involvement in the death of her former love threatens to destroy their relationship. The twists of the plot (creatively characterized as resembling the “German authobahn” on the back cover text) are as prominent a draw as the steamy sex scenes, making this an XXX effort with wide appeal and a strong possibility for attention at awards time. Indeed, Stormy’s first effort behind the camera for the Wicked Passions series (Heart Strings) earned critical acclaim and an AVN nomination. Love And Loss continues in a similar vein, with a developed story incorporating plenty of sizzle with the onscreen chemistry of Maddy and Brendon Miller, Seth Gamble and A.J. Applegate and more. This ‘Loss‘ is any porn fan’s gain.

Buy Love And Loss on DVD or stream instantly on VOD.

Watch the trailer here.

5 Reasons Why Siri Loves Giving BJs


Siri and Sara Jay made promises to their Twitter followers earlier this summer that if the U.S., Germany or Brazil won the World Cup, their followers could get in line for a blowjob.  Since Germany is the World Cup winner, #TeamBJ is fulfilling their promise.  Read Adult DVD Empire’s full blog article about #TeamBJ HERE. thought it would be a perfect time to find out what it is that Siri loves about sucking dick.  Here’s what she said…

  1. A cock is a beautiful thing, and I appreciate its beauty most when it’s an inch from my face.
  2. I already have an oral fixation anyway, and I’d much rather have a dick in my mouth than a piece of gum or a mint.
  3. I LOVE making eye contact with a guy while I’m giving him head, and seeing how he reacts to different sensations.
  4. I love swallowing cum. And I don’t waste a drop!
  5. I was 22 the first time I gave a blowjob. That was just four years ago (can you say LATE BLOOMER?), and I’m sure that’s part of why I love blowjobs so much: I wasted so much time not giving them.

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